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School management System

Our School management System is one of the top School management softwares out in the market. It has features dealing with managing of Frontoffice, backoffice, students classes,teachers management, Library management, Timetable schedules, Email and SMS notification,Store management, Vehicle management.etc..

Our main features includes:-

  • Front Office Administration
  • Visitor Book Logs
  • Phone Calls and postal Disptach Logs
  • Students and Admission procedures management
  • Guardian reports, Notifications and reminders
  • Fees collection & management
  • Income and Expense Tracking
  • Attendance management
  • Examination schedule and reports
  • Class Timetable generation, assigning of class teachers
  • Maintain sections,classes and study structures
  • Notice board, Emails and SMS notification
  • Download centre for students syllabus and study materials
  • Student and teachers login
  • Home work evaluation
  • Library Management
  • Inventory and school store management
  • School buses transport management( Assign vehicles and routes)
  • Studemnt's Hostel facility Management
  • Generate students Certificate and ID Card
  • Reports Generation on students, guardians,Fees, incomes, expenses.etc..
  • Managing userroles, sms and email settings

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